5 páginas para practicar listening en inglés

Uno de los mayores retos al aprender un nuevo idioma es comprender lo que escuchamos. La mayoría de los métodos de enseñanza se enfocan en la gramática y la estructura, sin embargo en la realidad lo que queremos es comprender y poder responder. En estas páginas encontrarás material real que te ayudará a fortalecer la escuchaSigue leyendo «5 páginas para practicar listening en inglés»

Music as a language – Victor Wooten

Music is a powerful communication tool–it causes us to laugh, cry, think and question. Bassist and five-time Grammy winner, Victor Wooten, asks us to approach music the same way we learn verbal language–by embracing mistakes and playing as often as possible.

Exercise During the Pandemic

Audio: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/embed/player/0/5374840.html?type=audio From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle Report. Exercise is an important part of staying healthy – both physically and mentally. Studies show that it can help strengthen the body’s natural defenses against disease. But exercise does not just keep us healthy. For many people, it is part of theirSigue leyendo «Exercise During the Pandemic»